The Economy or Immigration Issues?

Which loaded question do you think is the most important in the United States right now – the economy or immigration?

The lead contender may very well be immigration policies and their lack of clarity to name just one issue. However, in order to make any changes to existing polices, whether they happen to be in the health care arena, or in immigration, something has to be done about the economy. Interestingly enough, immigration and the economy are almost indistinguishable, as one drives the other, so fixing immigration may have ramifications on the economy.

In all likelihood, the immigration issue, given that it is such a political football, will remain a highly volatile issue waiting to blow up in some manner or another. If the current state of affairs affecting immigration is any indication of things to come for the future, immigration may take on a very ugly tone, very soon. The building of a border fence to keep illegal immigrants out of the country is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of an attempted resolution to the immigration difficulties facing this country.

The largest question on the minds of most immigration attorneys is what the current administration is going to do to deal with immigration and its twin conundrum, the economy. If Obama’s current leanings are any indication, he approves of more personnel and better security to monitor any border infractions. He supported more security at the borders, which is a highly inflammatory issue in immigration circles and legally.

On the other hand, he also supports the streamlining of the immigration mish mash that we currently deal with so it would allow more people to come to our country legally. A fine goal, but what about the ever present and dismal state of the economy that will suffer if the number of immigrants in the country is reduced? Also, how does Obama’s desire to let undocumented immigrants pay a fine, learn English and be allowed the opportunity to become a legal citizen fit into the overall scheme of things?

There are no answers to any of these questions right now, not without some water under the bridge that will let the pundits analyze what is happening. Frankly, right now, the first priority of the Obama administration is the economy – period. While all that is going on, lawmakers in southern border-states are lining up a veritable potpourri of penalties for hiring unauthorized workers. Most of the proposed penalties give immigration lawyers real problems, as the foundation of all legal dealings in the United States is fairness and justice for all.

The fact that some of the proposed penalties have the potential to be somewhat less than fair is the subject of another article. However, suffice it to say, that if immigration attorneys think they are busy now, if any of the proposed penalties for dealing with unauthorized workers being hired, etc., come to pass, they are about to get even busier defending basic human rights.

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