Stratton Faxon Honored with Equal Access to Justice Award

On May 7, 2009, partners Michael Stratton and Joel Faxon along with their Connecticut firm were honored once again for their innovative Fresh Faces campaign, by New Haven’s Legal Assistance Association.

The Fresh Faces Campaign is like a perennial blooming in spring, its blossoms not always readily apparent, but being experienced year after year. Public service legal aid agencies are like that, and so is the Fresh Faces Campaign that has been “there” for such agencies in recent years. But sometimes, it’s good just to stop and smell the flowers.

That’s why something special can be said to have happened at New Haven’s Café Bottega on the evening of May 7, 2009. Right across the street from the city’s New Haven Green, downtown, it was the annual reception of the not-for-profit Legal Assistance Association (LAA), Inc., and where the Equal Access to Justice Award was presented to Michael Stratton and Joel Faxon for their outstanding work for legal aid.

The LAA is one of several fine legal aid agencies that benefit from Fresh Faces. The LAA provides high-quality legal aid services to individuals, families, and groups in the greater New Haven area, including the lower Naugatuck Valley, who can’t get legal services because of limited income, age, disability, discrimination, and other barriers. In fact, the pithy phrase, “Equal Access to Justice,” is one of the LAA’s touted goals. Other stated LAA objectives “to achieve long-lasting improvement in the rights and living conditions of our client community” and “to foster our clients’ ability to protect their own rights,” also ring true. LAA proudly provides a full range of legal services to their worthy clients.

To assist such an agency with their Fresh Faces Campaign is simply Stratton Faxon’s distinct pleasure. Knowing that the dollars raised by the innovative program is going to such worthy causes is a reward in itself. “The LAA is doing wonderful work, tremendous things,” says Joel Stratton, “Doing Fresh Faces is a privilege for us, allowing our firm to give a little bit back to the community we serve.”

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