Practical Solutions to Saving on Health Care

If reducing the cost of health care is the top priority on every American’s shopping list, then buying generic drugs will make a difference.

It’s no secret that health care is really pricey these days. Medical care is in fact getting more and more expensive every year. While saving on doctor’s fees may not be an option, there is an area to save some serious bucks – using generic drugs. It’s worth checking out.

If every American stopped using brand name drugs and switched over to the generic versions, there would be a major revolution in the cost of buying medications. However, if just one person makes the switch from brand name drugs to generic drugs, it still means saving money in the long run. Give that proposition some thought the next time the doctor hands out a prescription for a brand name medication.

While most people do tend to buy their drugs at their local pharmacy, the other alternative, and definitely a less expensive one, is shopping online through a legitimate mail order pharmacy. It doesn’t matter where they happen to be located, and it may ultimately mean only paying $10 a month for your drugs as opposed to say $100. That’s a lot of extra money to have leftover for other things.

There are two ways to shop alternatively for drugs – online brand name drug shopping for lower prices and online generic drug shopping at even lower prices. Some people claim generic drugs are not as effective as brand name drugs. This is a myth. All generic drugs are made of the same ingredients as the original brand name compound. The only differences may be in the coating or color of the pill(s). What counts the most here are the substantial savings.

One other interesting point is that studies are showing the newer brand name drugs just don’t have the same kind of track record of reliability to back them up that the older stand-by drugs are able to boast about. In addition to that worry is that newer drugs have different side effects that might be more serious than tried, proven and true, old stand-bys.

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