Have Water Will Travel

If you’re thinking about taking a trip out of the country be aware that the bottled water being sold to people in some countries is actually just local tap water.

If you want to avoid Montezuma’s Revenge, also dubbed Traveler’s diarrhea, when on the road or in other countries, try to stick with the purest and freshest water possible, which is distilled. Even in foreign countries, distilled water is available with a little hunting. It’s not just the diarrhea that traveler’s may contract when in other countries that is the major worry. The major concern is other more serious diseases, like cholera, typhoid and dysentery are the end result of contaminated water and food.

The hard thing to accept is the fact that although most of the diseases listed above may be contracted overseas in a third world country, they may also crop up in the U.S. It’s sad to say that even in this day and age waterborne diseases are far more prevalent than we care to admit; and yes, travelers returning to the U.S. from overseas tend to bring diseases home with them.

When hitting the road within the U.S., it’s easy to take along distilled water from home and have it bottled to suit personal preferences. Use it exclusively and avoid any potential problems with local water wherever you happen to stay. When out of the country, make sure to only drink bottled water, and inspect the seal of the cap on the bottles before drinking the contents. Avoid using ice cubes in anything you drink, or eating any local delicacies that include freshly washed fruits, seafood or vegetables. Use only bottled water to brush your teeth.

Many of the problems encountered while traveling and dealing with unknown water sources are easily handled by just sticking to water brought from home or ensuring there is access to distilled water in some form in the places that are on the itinerary. This could mean paying a visit to the local corner store or campground convenience shack, but usually there are other options to avoid using or drinking water that is not familiar and may be contaminated.

The best solution to get the purest, freshest water at home to take along while traveling is to invest in a water distillation system. It is the one system that will effectively remove things like lead, chlorine and other water borne contaminants,etc. A water distillation system means no worries while traveling with fresh water.

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