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Many people think that if they call a national health insurance company that is not in their home state, that they will get better health insurance premium rates. This isn’t true, and in fact, if you shop locally, you may get a better rate.

Trying to find a reasonable health insurance quote is the true definition of sheer frustration. So many calls, so many websites, so many insurance agents with ideas, and so many questions that one’s head starts spinning after about the third call.

While shopping is a good idea, it just might turn out to be counterproductive if the insurance company providing the quote is from out-of-state. Only the local guys really know their area inside out and are able to provide excellent service, good rates and provide customers with insider knowledge on what the “real” scoop is for health insurance in your area.

Calling a large company in some other state will not get good service, will not provide insider details on which doctors provide what services and which hospitals will offer what, because they have no clue what the conditions are like where a caller lives. The best an out-of-state insurance company is able to offer is a generic package that may or may not fit the caller’s needs.

Shopping for healthcare insurance premiums locally is smart because the agents know the true meaning of customer service and being there for the clients when something goes wrong. Those “other” companies in Timbuktu could care less about customer service and certainly won’t adequately be able to represent the customers in any types of disputes with any degree of accuracy or efficiency.

Local agents know everything about the area and the networks. They are aware of which companies will honor claims, which ones don’t honor them, and what services various local doctors offer.

To be honest, this is precisely the type of information a customer wanting to buy health insurance really needs to know to make an informed decision about what they want to buy. Once a customer has the “scoop” they are able to choose from a wide range of policies and find one that is a snug fit for an individual or family.

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