Fox Meadows EMR Software Is Buoyed by Obama-Era Mandated Changes

The Obamatization of the U.S. Healthcare System only emphasizes that the “time is now” when it comes to EMR software purchases.

President Obama has been keeping up the pressure to reform the U.S. Healthcare System, with a centerpiece of his new juggernaut of change focused clearly on EMR software packages. General Electric has also opened May with a reflexive big corporate marketing push called Healthymagination. It too promises to help move us closer to digital patient recordkeeping in every sense. But the $787 billion economic stimulus package, with a healthy chunk of those funds directed at EMR modernizing, remains the boulder that’s been rolled down the hill. Poised to benefit from these Obama-era free market tidings is Fox Meadows software, and the platform of extremely relevant packages they now support.

It isn’t as if Fox Meadows is a new kid on the digital EMR block. For years we’ve been providing efficacious solutions while serving thousands of physicians in 20+ specialties nationwide. But with all that’s suddenly going on, and with that giant boulder of healthcare reform suddenly picking up speed as it rolls down that glorious hill that some like to call “the future,” a new urgency is entering the mix. Always a learning curve exists for physicians embracing change and trying a software package that is optional now, but in just a few years, will become mandatory. The curve to reach an 80% efficiency ratio typically takes three to six months – even under the best of circumstances. The 80% threshold doesn’t mean a whole lot now, but come January 1, 2011, it will become a crucial factor determining reimbursement for stimulus-related purchases of EMR software packages. If the threshold fails to be met by a physician no matter how well intentioned – he or she will be sent to the back of the line as any reimbursement check will be delayed. Thoughts of selecting the right package are legitimate and necessary too, but if the trigger is not pulled in time …

Fox Meadows is available to assist any physician seeking to stay ahead of the curve. It takes courage to make decisions that entail considerable expense on the front end, decisions that can launch a physician’s office into a brave new digital world. We want to help while there’s still time. There is still time. But soon it will be 2010. As the day declaring “zero hour” nears, more physician’s offices and hospitals will be deciding. It’s like a thriller, only medical care reform is much better than any movie.

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