Epcon Offers Rental Units to Perform Heavy Duty Work

Epcon carries a full range of technologies for rental or lease. All come with the full Epcon warranty and great customer service.

It costs a lot of money to buy a state-of-the-art thermal oxidizer or even an industrial oven outright. But what if such a unit and a range of kindred machines were available for rental or lease, or lease-purchase – at a fraction of that cost? What if that availability were combined with the quality assurance, warranty, and great customer service that you’ve come to expect from Epcon since 1976? This isn’t Oz. The “what if” has happened, is happening, will continue to be happening, now.

In an age of grandiose dreams and expectations for such equipment, when Global Warming has become the air pollution bogey on everyone’s lips, an arsenal of Epcon technologies can be yours to use for a fraction of what you’d be expected to pay.

The uses of such marvels as Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers, Catalytic Oxidizers, Industrial Ovens and Furnaces, and Direct fired Afterburners in such industry sectors as commercial, prime contractors, government, and NQA-1, are myriad. The crucial aspect worth discussing with your colleagues and fellow decision-makers is not whether, but how or when you can pragmatically put Epcon’s premium technologies to work while customized to your needs. These aren’t “dregs” culled from forgotten foundries. As with all our equipment, Epcon’s rental, leased, or lease-purchase equipment is fully inspected with our rigorous quality assurance regimen completed and any unit exits our facility, and of course the full Epcon warranty – the best in the industry – is included with our “just ask” customer service that has come to mean satisfaction for generations of our customers. In fact, Epcon offers new and used units available for rent, lease, or lease-purchase in sizes ranging from 100 SCFM to 100,000 SFCM. If you aren’t quite ready to purchase a brand new unit outright but just need something Epcon-marvelous for a period of time, we offer immediate delivery of units in excellent condition and fully-backed by tech support. Remember our customer service? Just ask.

To learn more about thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, air pollution control systems, industrial ovens at Epconlp.com.

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