EMR Software Procrastination Must Be Avoided

Now is not the time to balk about purchasing your EMR packages. Physicians must realize that the future is now as U.S. Healthcare revamps.

Great-grandfather hesitated when it was time to sell the horse and buy a car. Outfitting your rural home with indoor plumbing was no doubt frightening to those who preferred an outdoor privy in back. We still don’t know how electricity works – only that it does. Many physicians prefer to write scripts in barely legible cursive handwriting, and overwhelm their patient and dedicated staffs with mountains of files, each easily misplaced folder containing a patient record. They hold on to this preference often out of whimsy, an attachment to the familiar sometimes referred to as “it’s just the way we’ve always done it.”

Physicians can be like any of us, a recalcitrant lot. Change can be painful and expensive. Long-term benefits of change can seem like a distant horizon, especially if medical school is fading into memory as it gives way to the grueling rigors of an everyday practice.

But we are entering, together if not hand-in-hand, a different world. It is already 2009. While the former Bush Administration made motions toward the digital age and began to strategize in that inevitable direction, the Obama Administration is full steam ahead. Stimulus monies, reimbursements for those fortunate physicians wishing to take advantage of EMR software opportunities while the getting is good, will begin to be disbursed as of January 1, 2011. What participation in the digital revolution that is now optional will become mandatory for physicians and hospitals by 2015. It is not the time to balk like great-grandfather did when it was time to sell the horse. Procrastination is as unsanitary today as it was when indoor plumbing was perceived as “unnatural” by those who were soothed by the privacy of their outdoor privies. Waiting too long to go digital might allow competitors to pass one by. Fox Meadows Software has been in the business of helping physicians in 20+ specialties longer than almost anyone else. We want to help. It’s okay to wait, to make the best choice for your situation, to get precisely the right EMR package that is destined to serve you well. Just know that the clock is ticking, and that the choosing is inevitable, as inevitable as turning on a light once was.

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