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There’s a good chance we will see more Plavix lawsuits, as further information about the deadly side effects of this drug continue to surface. Research shows Plavix may cause death or serious injury due to stomach bleeding (often ulcers).

Oddly enough, Plavix, considered to be the second best-selling drug in the world, was supposed to be a terrific alternative for aspirin to prevent heart attacks and strokes. This “super aspirin” does the exact opposite, and more than doubles the risks for bleeding ulcers, heart attacks and strokes.

Plavix increases the risks of bleeding in patients with peptic ulcer disease making them 12 times more likely to suffer from ulcers and stomach bleeding than patients who took a heartburn pill and an aspirin. The bleeding results in severe consequences or death due to the blocking of the formation of platelets in blood.

This drug also triggers platelet and protein blood clots in some individuals that are fatal once they reach the brain or kidneys. The sad thing is that an aspirin likely does a better job, but not taken with Plavix. Combining Plavix with aspirin virtually doubles the risk of death or stroke even in those with no history of heart disease.

Accusations were made that the drug company behind Plavix deliberately misinformed doctors and the public about the efficacy of Plavix to make a profit. The drug became the sixth top selling drug in the USA with profits of $3.8 billion dollars. At this point, it might be good to ask who the drug companies are really supposed to represent and help. If the answer isn’t clear, that’s quite the damning indictment of drug companies.

Plavix lawsuits are being filed frequently across the States and many law offices are asking people who have had a bad experience with this drug to contact them. This drug is still being marketed. The lawsuits already launched as well as those to come haven’t seemed to harm Plavix sales.

If a loved one suffered serious Plavix side effects, contact a fully qualified litigation attorney with experience in this area to assess the potential claim and advise how to proceed. There is the possibility of being able to recover damages for pain and suffering, lost income and medical bills.

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