CPR Offers Repair Service While You Wait

At its many convenient locations, CPR will often repair your cell phone or electronic device while you wait.

CPR’s trained technicians hail from the four corners of the world. As children, they dreamt of nothing else except repairing cell phones and a myriad of electronic devices. Bobby’s tale is typical. When Bobby BestRepairGuyEver was six years old, he found his first cell phone on the street outside his beige row house in an unspecified part of town. “It was blue,” he says when asked or poked, “and I fell in love with it. But it didn’t work at first.” Little Bobby learned to use a screwdriver in ways unimagined by other little boys inhabiting his desolate environs. Other little boys brought home kittens or puppies and learned to pet them after much practice. Bobby BestRepairGuyEver, however, disdained animals that failed to beep or emit electronic sounds. “My blue cell phone was just like my pet,” he says, “until there came a day when just staring at it for five or six hours wasn’t enough.” Acting on some impulse as yet unexplained, Bobby began poking and prodding with his screwdriver, also a beloved pet in his infantile mind. “I opened my blue cell up,” he remembers, “like I was dissecting something alive. I heard it hum, and then beep.” Soon his cell phone was working just fine. “I called Canada one day, and then a friend of mine in Chicago. Even the primitive LCD screen was working again.”

Bobby fits in perfectly at CPR. “Like most of our trained technicians, he can fix anything,” asserts an admiring colleague. “I’ve seen Bobby undo liquid damage, fix an iPhone that was stepped on by a radio celebrity, repair cracks in LCDs, even big ones, and repair broken phones that were shattered, dropped, or cruelly silenced like his beloved blue phone from boyhood once was. He can mend phones broken in halves or even thirds, and do this with a smile.”

Another colleague is more direct. “Bobby, and most of our trained technicians at CPR, usually feel compelled to fix anything broken that comes into contact with their nimble fingers. Most amazing, they’re so fast. Bobby prides himself on repairing cell phones and electronic devices while customers wait, and sometimes they don’t even have to wait long.”

Says Bobby, “Where’s my blue cell phone? Did somebody hide it again? C’mon you guys. Where is it?”

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