Being a Bunny for Illinois Health Insurance

There are some people who aren’t huge fans of lettuce and other good things to eat to stay healthy. That’s unfortunate, as healthy eating translates to a more reasonably priced Illinois health insurance premium.

While it may seem like a bit of a stretch to think that eating celery and other green things is going to make a difference in your health insurance premiums, it is a fact. Taking responsibility for one’s eating habits pays off in health benefits for everyone. So, just have a bit more salad and check out the menu for homemade fruit smoothies.

Why does being healthy count so much in the insurance industry? It’s like this; the better you are health wise, the better your insurance rates – meaning “lower.” People in the overweight and obese categories are in a higher risk area and because of that, they pay more for their health insurance premiums – and healthcare in general. Illinois has a high rate of obesity across the whole population (59.8%) and in fact, it is quite close to the overall higher rates nationwide that show 59.5% of Americans are overweight or obese. Those aren’t exactly figures about which to brag.

The costs associated with being obese are enormous and by the year 2040 some healthcare pundits forecast that treating diseases caused by obesity will hit the $39 billion mark. That is a lot of money to be spending to keep the obese population in reasonably good health. While obesity is, in some instances, a matter of genetics or predisposition, there are just as many people who have reached that state by being lazy and not taking care of themselves.

High numbers like this are a cause for concern in the health insurance industry, not only because of the higher costs of premiums, but also because of the costs in general to the health system. Those who are grossly overweight or obese tax an already straining health system to its limits.

While there are changes being made to the health system and premium rates may go down in June of 2010, this still does nothing to deal with the high rate of obesity. Lifestyle choices are so important when it comes to health insurance. It’s time more people “got it” and got with the program, and that includes not only adults, but also overweight and obese children.

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