Underwriting for Medicare Supplements Lenient

Not many people know that insurance companies are more lenient in their underwriting for Medicare supplements, which is a blessing if a person has a medical condition they don’t want to cover.

Here is how the drill works if one applies for Medicare, as opposed to a large health insurance company, who would rather not underwrite certain “conditions.” An applicant still does go through a medical underwriting routine with Medicare, it’s just not as rigorous and restrictive as it would be for an insurance company. The underwriting for Medicare is figuring out what will work best for people with particular health conditions. Once that is out of the way, it tells the person applying what kinds of choices they have for various packages.

Choices are always a good thing when it comes to Medicare supplements, especially during a recession when dollars are scarce. Currently, there are several parts to Medicare – Part A for a stay in hospital, but it does not cover service; and Part B, which covers services. Those two parts are considered to be the staples of Medicare. Additionally, there are further options of Part D (drug coverage) and Plans A through L to back-fill any gaps in a person’s health coverage. Consider that to be the icing on the cake for the two main parts.

While many consumers find the parts and plans confusing, it all works out in the long run by talking to an experienced health insurance agent. There is no point in trying to spend hours of time figuring out what part or plan or combination will work, when picking up the phone to call a local health insurance agent will get answers immediately. The advice is free and always ready-made to a customer’s requirements.

So, spend some time talking to a local health insurance agent and get the accurate lowdown on what the different guidelines are for medical underwriting, and how that ultimately affects the prices of policies. All policies offer the exact same coverage, no matter where in the U.S. they are purchased. The thing that makes the difference is that each insurance company may charge what they want to charge for selling the Medicare supplements.

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