They Just Keep Changing the Health Insurance Rules

Every time you turn around, it seems the rules have changed again as they apply to your health insurance. The reason for this is the jumble of corporate entities that run the health insurance system and don’t seem to talk to one another.

Any time the subject of health insurance comes up in polite conversation, there is always a heated debate over the existing system and what to do to fix it – if it can even be fixed. Currently Americans have a cumbersome health care system that is long overdue for a serious tune-up.

Any tune-ups would directly affect you as the health system user and it’s your tax dollars that keep the system going. So this means when the price of all the services in the system starts to creep up – again – people avoid using it because they can’t afford it. Not an ideal state for things to be in; that’s for sure.

Some of the problem with today’s health insurance system is the overall way it’s being run. If you stand back and take an objective look, you will notice right away there are too many big honchos with big salaries trying to steer the boat. This makes one wonder who is really in charge, since the big guys don’t tend to have hands-on experience with the actual realities of health insurance. They tend to be the paperwork people who make decisions in a vacuum most days; decisions that don’t seem to take into consideration that health insurance is supposed to be for people who need it and deserve it.

Many of the big name health insurance companies want money, and why wouldn’t they? They are running a business. That’s the major problem, all the separate companies don’t want to work with each other because they are too busy competing to pay attention to their customers’ needs. If you want to see cutthroat competition, then just watch several major health insurance companies vie for business.

Here is something else you need to know about the current health care system. The U.S. spends more, per capita, on health care than any other nation in the world. Hello? Why does that happen? It happens because Americans are seriously over-using the system (actually abusing it) by utilizing it like a doctor’s office for colds when the health insurance system was supposed to be for life’s major health care emergencies.

If you think what we have now for a health system is in rough shape, wait for the future. The U.S. health system is intimately tied to the economy of the country and let’s get serious here, the economy is not in great shape and may take a long time to get sorted out. The basic equation here is this: if the economy is in rough shape then so is the health system.

It’s up to each individual health care consumer to do something to make a difference in this system. We need to take more responsibility for our own health, make better wellness choices, support well thought out economic changes for the country, and work together instead of against each other.

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