Tap Water Needs Major Help

Who hasn’t heard some real horror stories when it comes to the water we take for granted that spills out of our taps? Well get ready for the ride, things are worse than we think.

This will totally shock you, and it should also boot many people into taking action about their drinking water. A fairly recent report done up by the Ralph Nader Institute indicates there are over 2,100 toxic (cancer causing) chemicals in our drinking water. Think about this for just one second. Everything anyone pours down the drain, sprays on fields, and preps their lawn and garden with goes into our water supplies through the groundwater system.

Let’s just repeat that one thought, one more time to emphasize it. Everything dumped on the earth finds its way back into the water system and into our taps, including lead, chlorine, drugs, pesticides and viruses. It’s bad enough this stuff lands in our water, but the added fact that American water filtration plants are aging shouldn’t make one feel safe.

The more chemicals we dump into the water, the more chemicals wind up in our water filtration plants. Now if the plants were state of the art and modern, this might not be such a worrisome problem. However, the fact is that most of the plants were built so many years ago they have trouble dealing with the onslaught of gunk found in our water today. This is not encouraging news.

The most frightening of the latest additions to our water supplies is what drug manufacturers leach into the system, including antibiotics, tranquilizers, heart medications and sex hormones. No ones needs unknown drugs in their drinking water, quietly affecting the people whose systems have been invaded by this toxic mixture in the guise of a glass of water.

Science says that fish in the rivers where the sex hormones are being dumped are beginning to change sex and that some men have started to grow breasts because of the increasing levels of female hormones in the tap water. No matter what methods are used at a filtration plant, and most of them are just the basics; they will not be able to remove the drugs, hormones, viruses and other synthetic compounds floating through our water. This is depressing news.

There is only one way to deal with contaminated tap water and that is to have a home water filtration system and the only real answer to protect our families is investing in a water distillation system. No other method of purification is as effective as distillation and the proof is in the water.

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