Stratton Faxon’s Fresh Faces Campaign Nears $300,000 for Legal Aid

Stratton Faxon, Connecticut’s firm for trial law, has continued to raise precious dollars for three of the state’s legal services agencies.

Fresh Faces has eclipsed the $200,000 mark. The $250,000 plateau has been left in the rear-view. In fact, Stratton Faxon Law Firm is thrilled to announce that thanks to their generous donors, the $300,000 level in donations to their innovative Fresh Faces campaign is imminent.

Their secret for raising these sums in tough economic times can be traced to a simple formula: It’s in the matching. Stratton Faxon is pleased to match any gift, up to $1,000, from any person who has either never gifted to legal aid, or who is increasing a previous gift. The beneficiaries are thrilled too. New Haven Legal Assistance (NHLA), Connecticut Legal Services (CLS), and Greater Hartford Legal Aid (GHLA) would be hard-pressed to continue their magnanimous services in these uncertain times without such an assist. Fresh Faces is bringing out new community donors as well as restoring to the contributory ranks for honor roll of generous attorneys, firms, and corporations who had for various reasons had not gifted Connecticut’s extraordinary legal aid agencies in recent years.

That our non-profits are hard-pressed in these troubled times may be an understatement. In many instances, the lifeblood of these agencies, private donations, has dried up, shriveled on the vine, turned into a husk of past giving. Another formerly reliable source of income for the not-for-profits, state funding, has also experienced drastic changes in public spending necessitated by economic shortfalls. Without funding, local legal aid agencies can’t provide their clients, individuals and families, with essential legal representation that they would otherwise be unable to afford. Marcy Kossar, NHLA’s Director of Development, appreciates Stratton Faxon’s creative fundraising. “New Haven Legal Assistance has received so many donations that are the direct result of the Fresh Faces Campaign,” she asserts, “including three-year pledges.” She praises the law firm’s partners. “Mike Stratton believes that most of us, attorneys and non-attorneys alike, share the desire to help those less fortunate. That’s why he and Joel Faxon initiated Fresh Faces – to provide everybody with an opportunity to realize their goal.”

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