Private Wells Are Not Regulated

In this day and age when just about anything relating to water is highly regulated, it may come as a shock that private wells are not. Just a few years ago people weren’t all that concerned about water quality or water purification in general.

Unregulated private wells are something that bears closer scrutiny given how crucial water is in our daily lives, and not just “any” water, but good, fresh, clean, and safe water. This is where distilled water comes into the picture; it is the purest water anywhere.

It’s funny how history has a way of holding our feet to the fire to do something about such glaring oversights. For instance, in 1974 Congress was playing around with the Safe Water Drinking Act. No one paid much attention to the fact that it was designed to regulate America’s public water supplies. No one thought much about it, as water on tap was taken for granted. So, Congress mostly focused on the protection of various drinking water supplies like springs, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and ground water wells.

It turns out there is a large hole in the regulations that a truck could be driven through because the Act does not regulate private wells providing water to fewer than 25 people. If that isn’t bad enough, it also does not regulate/oversee even larger private water systems.

H2oLabs has the perfect solution for private well water systems – distilling the water, as it is dispensed in the house. It’s the only purification method that literally makes water brand new once again. Even though the Safe Drinking Water Act does regulate contaminants in drinking water, it doesn’t apply to private water systems. That means a chance of organic chemical contamination or worse. While it might be filtered, filtration is no guarantee the water will be safe.

No one likes to think they are drinking re-cycled, used water that has perhaps passed through a carbon filter or two and has come out the other side looking and smelling OK, but who knows what’s really in it. With an H2oLabs Home Water System the idea is to make water every day, meaning it’s fresh and has no contaminants in it. Fresh water with a great taste is the best way to start the day.

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