Older Pay More Younger Pay Less for Health Care

It only makes sense that the older a person is that they pay more for health care coverage vs. younger individuals.

This may sound somewhat discriminatory, however if the big picture is taken into account it will begin to make more sense. The older a person is, the more they will need a health care plan that provides more coverage for them. It is just an annoying fact of life that the older the population gets, the more medical help they need.

The younger whippersnappers do not need the kind of drug coverage or other benefits needed by the wiser segment of the population. Statistics back that up, the cost of health insurance policies backs that up and plain common sense backs that up.

It isn’t as punitive as it may sound. Although along with that observation comes the caution to ensure taking care of one’s health is a major priority. Sadly, in a lot of instances, people do not take care of themselves and they pay the price for that in increased health insurance premiums.

For instance two of the biggest bugaboos plaguing the health care system are smokers and obese individuals. This is just the tip of the iceberg though and drug addicts and alcoholics etc. also have increased health care expenses.

The cost of providing health care services to people who are essentially neglecting their health is astronomical. There isn’t much wonder why the American health care system is in such shambles, why access to it for some is difficult because it is straining at the seams or why the costs of care are skyrocketing.

Somewhere in all this there has to be a sense of responsibility for one’s health care or pay for the consequences, both financially and physically. Neglect of self begets neglect of the system. Neglect of the system results in bloated prices, sky-high price tags for services, out of control drug costs and a system that does not meet the needs of the people adequately.

While age is a differentiating factor in health care costs and likely should be, the bottom line in all cases is how the person takes responsibility for their own care prior to using a system originally designed for major life illnesses.

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