No Pay Health Insurance or Co-Pay

Co-pay means one thing when it comes to paying for health care benefits and no pay means another. The differences are often not that well understood.

A co-pay situation usually arises with an employer/employee relationship, in that the employer is offering co-pay benefits to the employee. That is what co-pay means, a benefit versus having to fork out dollars to pay the doctor for each visit. This is where things get a bit confusing for those who have been used to having co-pay insurance benefits. Co-pay people are used to only paying a portion of their doctors expenses, etc., and are consequently shocked when they are paying full freight.

The first reaction to paying the total doctor’s bill, aside from disbelief at how high it is, is a fervent wish to revert to how things were when co-pay was in effect. It’s not that there isn’t a type of insurance called co-pay out there, as there is; however, it is usually very high priced, only sold to large companies or corporations, and has high deductibles. Paying their own way is a wake-up call for many people who suddenly realize that the co-pay they had at work was a perk for working, not a right.

The problem then becomes what other alternatives are available for an individual or family used to the co-pay arrangement. While there is no right or wrong answer to this scenario, the usual resolution becomes insurance packages that suit the situation at the time. This means some diligent shopping online, locally, or on the phone.

Calling seems to be something many people would rather avoid, particularly if it means talking to a health care insurance broker. However, that being said, calling locally will usually net better results. The local agent is a font of inside information that will only benefit clients in the long run, when they need to submit a claim.

Insurance is about having alternatives and about having the protection needed for all possible situations that an individual or family may face. Despite the differences between co-pay and no pay, there are viable and affordable options available to choose from, that will fit most people’s circumstances.

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