It’s Time to Change Health Care Plans

Usually right around the start of every year it’s time to take a look at what you have in place for health insurance. 2009 is upon us and it only makes good sense to plan in advance for 2010 because you know, without a doubt, health insurance plans change every year — whether you like it or not.

During the year to come, you may be visiting your doctor and s/he tells you to stop taking a certain drug and take another one instead. When that happens, you might find out that a different drug plan may suit you better than what you currently have. Say you have a medical advantage plan, but it looks like drug plan coverage might be better. Rather than trying to make decisions before you need to, talk to a competent local health insurance agent and ask them to help you re-evaluate what you may need for the future.

There is also the distinct possibility you have been told the drug you are currently taking has been discontinued and replaced with something else. That particular drug which was discontinued may have been a brand name drug, which would mean the price you paid for it would be higher. This might be the best time for you to check out generic alternatives. Saving on your health insurance expenses is not only smart, it’s an absolute necessity in today’s recession.

Let’s face it, everyone we know is on a budget and trying to count every nickel and dime they earn. If you can save money buying generic drugs, then that’s money in your pocket and not in the deeper pockets of big drug manufacturers — and that can only be a good thing.

So in addition to a health insurance agent that really knows what they’re talking about, go online and find the government Medicare website. It’s chock-full of great information about various drugs and plans in which you are able to participate.

Make it a point to shop around for better Medicare supplement rates. Shopping around will save you money over the long-term, and although the plans themselves are the same across the nation, the prices various health insurance companies offer will vary.

The best thing you can do for your health and for the future is to talk to a local health insurance agent and find out what you may do to make changes to your health insurance coverage.

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