Human Polluted Water

It’s a sad fact, but the major source of water pollution today is human beings. We just cannot seem to understand that dumping things into water supplies contaminates them beyond redemption, in some instances.

Since water is so critical to our very existence, one would think that people would understand that throwing things into the water only makes it contaminated. Sources that were once sustainable become unfit for human consumption. One wonders what people are thinking when they abuse the very thing that helps sustain life on the planet.

There are usually four culprits that contribute to the ruination of water sources in our country: municipalities, industrial pollutants, agricultural pollution, and natural pollution – meaning a natural event like a landslide that contaminates a water source. Actually, there is one other major pollution source that many people are familiar with; however, most people do not connect it with water contamination – global warming run off. Witness the melting of glaciers that have been solid for thousands of years, until recently.

Agricultural operations put a big load of pollution into the environment due to animal waste and chemical pollutants, with the by-products of chemical and waste run off ending up in the water tables and finding their way to streams and rivers. Stopping this type of pollution usually requires a great deal of education, but more importantly the provision of alternatives to dumping chemicals into streams, etc.

It is not too much of a stretch of the imagination to guess how municipalities pollute their waterways. In some areas, it is common to find a smaller municipality dumping their waste products into nearby rivers and even the ocean. If that same municipality also has a large manufacturing plant close by, it is a good bet that pollution from it will wind up in the water as well.

The bottom line in this massive, overwhelming problem is the only thing an individual is able to do is be pollution conscious for their own corner of the world. In particular, make safe drinking water a priority for the family.

Doing this involves the use of a distillation system that makes water as pure as it can be. No other purification method is as effective, so this would assure a safe drinking supply in your own home year round. Fighting water pollution would be an overall agenda to follow for the greater good of the world, but being safe at home is the first priority.

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