How to Handle Car Insurance Disputes

If you’re getting the run around from your car insurance company, you are not alone. This happens far more than you would like to think, but don’t just sit there and take it.

If you are having a tough time with your car insurance company, sit back for a minute and just review all the things that have happened to you before you reached your boiling point of frustration. If calling a highly skilled car insurance dispute attorney was not one of the things you did, it’s still not too late to call an attorney.

If you’re really tired of being ignored, having everything you try to do stalled in neutral, and are sick of disputing with your insurance company, there are some things you may do to help yourself. Just remember, the best insurance is a competent lawyer who will get things moving for you because they understand the system inside out.

We’re going to tell you about some things you are able to do on your own, but will also encourage you to take detailed notes. Your notes will help your lawyer piece together the history of how your claim was handled. You may certainly call the claims department yourself; after all, your insurance premiums pay their salaries. Did they give you a rough time? Get the person’s name and speak to their supervisor.

If you march down to the insurance company and take any documents with you, make sure you have the right ones, and that they prove the point you want to make. Don’t take no for an answer and speak directly to your assigned insurance adjuster. Follow up your “in person appointment” with an email outlining everything you spoke about. Again, remember to keep copies of everything you sent, as well as notes about what was said.

If dealing with your insurance agent is like beating your head against a brick wall, it’s time to head for the complaint department. Repeat the above process and keep notes, complete with times and dates. If there is still no resolution of your complaint, it’s time for the big guns – the local Insurance Department.

Often you may file a complaint with them online, but don’t expect a resolution within a few days, as it often takes longer than 30 days for anything to happen (and not always in your favor). However, having said that, by the time you get this far you are likely realizing your best route to solve your insurance claim dispute would have been to contact a skilled insurance attorney.

While the Insurance Department does pack a lot of power in terms of disciplining insurers, having an attorney represent you is even more effective and more often than not, takes less time.

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