How Fox Meadows EMR Software Packages Are Helping Obama’s Five Pillars

EMR software packages from Fox Meadows will fully support at least one of Obama’s pillars, the tenet endorsing health care reforms intended to lower costs for families and businesses.

On April 14, 2009, in an important table-setting address given at Georgetown University in our nation’s capital, President Barack Obama provided a measure of hope as a recession continued. His sense of hope was buttressed by a Biblical allusion from the Sermon of the Mount in an earlier address given by Jesus the Christ more than two millennia ago. President Obama compared our current economic miasma to “shifting sands,” and offered to replace our current underpinning with something firmer, something made of a substance used figuratively and literally to support the weight of our new realities. “We cannot rebuild this economy on the same pile of sand. We must build our house upon a rock,” Mr. Obama said, as if offering a parable. This new foundation buttressed by a rock – hopefully one like Gibraltar – will itself be supported by five pillars, especially one which enacts the President’s health care reforms to lower costs for families and businesses.

That’s where Fox Meadows and our EMR software solutions come in. Obama’s $787 billion stimulus bill, officially named the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, or ARRA, has put aside nearly $20 billion ($17.2 billion currently budgeted) for prudent investments such as the reimbursement of physicians and hospitals for the purchase of federally compliant EMR software packages, in order to usher American health care into the digital age. Such an ambitious transition won’t be easy, and in fact, there’s a certain urgency already attached to it. Now is never the time to procrastinate, especially when January 1, 2011, is the day when reimbursement commences. 2009 is already going fast. Purchasers of Fox Meadows offered EMR solutions should also allow themselves some lead time to learn their solution, a paperless solution that has already provided thousands of physicians in more than twenty specialties with an intuitive functionality that makes essential patient information instantly available at the point of care. Investing in a Fox Meadows EMR solution might even be considered patriotic. This must be true when you consider those five pillars holding up Obama’s newfound rock.

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