Health Insurance Not Always Guaranteed in Pennsylvania

Not everyone will be able to get health insurance plans in Pennsylvania simply because there may be medical underwriting issues present.

Just because someone wants health insurance and is asking for health insurance quotes doesn’t always mean that they will be able to get health insurance. This is an interesting twist on the uninsured problem many Americans face. In this instance, just because a person is able to get affordable health insurance quotes, doesn’t mean they will actually be able to get insurance.

There may be medical underwriting issues present, as in you will need to meet certain criteria before getting the nod for a health insurance plan. The questions are usually how will you be insured, what you will be insured for, what may be accepted or declined, if the insurance company is good to go with accepting you with some qualifications, and IF you are even going to be insured at all.

This comes as a surprise to many people who figure if they ask for health insurance quotes that they will then automatically get health insurance by answering a few questions, filling out some forms, and slapping down some cash. It doesn’t quite work that way.

In most instances, however, if you live the good life of moderation, don’t over indulge in drugs or alcohol, aren’t morbidly obese, etc., chances are you’ll be rubber stamped. Remember one thing though – you only get health insurance if the insurance company feels you may be a good risk, which means they won’t have to pay out too much on you. If the insurance company thinks you are a money pit, what might happen is you will get insurance, but with higher premiums. In addition, you might get health insurance that doesn’t cover your “condition.”

Basically what the insurance company chooses to do is what happens and the customer applying for health insurance is caught between a rock and a hard place, often having to pay up to 50% more than the preferred rate. Insurance companies may also refuse/decline to insure someone they think is a poor risk.

There are other options available for those who have been declined. The first one is to shop around to other larger insurance companies, because each company underwrites a different way. You may also be eligible for your state’s Risk Pool.

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