Health Account Plans Are Looking Better

Lately there are some interesting statistics being compiled which show that people who are in health plans and have health savings accounts or health reimbursement arrangements are more likely to get preventive care. This is opposed to those who happen to be in a conventional plan instead.

The people who participated in the web survey that offered up these latest figures were in the 21 to 64 year old bracket and privately insured. It appears, on first glance, that the numbers from 2007 indicate 2% enrolled in health account plans, a one percent jump from 2005. However the numbers do seem to be climbing steadily, which is a good sign.

Most conventional plans have an average satisfaction rating of about 64% compared to the health account numbers of roughly 47% expressing satisfaction. The 47% is up from 37% and again, the numbers do appear to be on the increase, albeit slowly. That is not unusual when it comes to something new. People always take time to get used to adjustments in their insurance plans, especially when it is something newer or more innovative.

There is reason to be upbeat about the slowly increasing numbers for another reason, and the reason is that health account plans are being viewed as a vehicle which will assist in keeping down the costs and broadening access to insurance coverage. In this day and age when more Americans need access to the health care system, greater access can only be a good thing.

While it may also be said that these plans are not yet solving the problems they were set up to tackle, the survey results do show (and encouragingly so) that the efforts of high-deductible health account plans, which are offering wellness benefits for a low or no deductible basis, are paying off.

Encouragingly, health account plan participants now seem to be opting for as much preventive care as those in a conventional health plan. In addition, they also seem to be using about the same amount of prescription drugs as those in conventional plans.

Any time that the figures for those seeking preventive health care start to climb, you know there is a major shift of attitude toward wellness going on. The survey figures are beginning to show increases in women going in more frequently for Pap smears, and men and women going for cholesterol testing. Evidently more people are also making regular wellness visits to their doctor’s offices, which can only be viewed as a good thing. Perhaps it’s time to consider a switch to a health account plan. Speak to your local health insurance broker.

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