Getting a Reasonable Health Insurance Quote Can Still Be Done

With so many uninsured Americans today it makes sense to offer reasonable health insurance quotes to change their minds. How have companies changed tactics in a tight insurance market?

That may sound like a tall order, convincing uninsured Americans to consider health insurance, but it is possible if health insurance can be provided at reasonable prices. And the good news is – health insurance quotes are available online right now, in real time from over 10,000 agents who know their stuff.

A smart merger of two premium health industry companies, and, means getting the benefits of advanced technology and access to local health care insurance agents who provide affordable health insurance quotes. Local agents know the area networks the best, and that means saving money and getting a plan that works for reasonable bucks.

Make it a point to at least check out the site and see how easy and affordable it is to get health insurance. Being without insurance is risky these days with all the possible things that may go wrong, from a broken leg to a car accident. And while personal insurance may not matter, the family should be covered.

Recent health surveys indicate the average American is fed up with the health care insurance industry, primarily because they think it’s hard to find decent information and reasonable plans. This isn’t the case. With the Benepath /Quotit partnership, there is access to a quality database of factual and useful local information that’s affordably priced.

It just takes a few clicks to get a quote by typing in a zip code and answering a few quick questions. The answers may be surprising enough to reconsider having health insurance for those “just in case” moments in life.

Quotes aren’t from a local agent who has no clout or limited plans to offer. They’re offering plans based on what the large carriers have to offer. Carriers like Kaiser, Blue Cross, Humana, Aetna, Unicare and Assurant.

What makes this partnership between Benepath and Quotit unique is that when a zip code is plugged in, the request for a quote goes directly to an agent in the same zip code area. That means insider information on what the best plans in that area.

Go to and enter a postal code. Take it from there. The prices arriving by email will be a pleasant surprise. So much so a health insurance plan might become an attractive and reasonable option.

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