Get the Lead Out!

While you may have known that water has a variety of contaminates in it, did you ever stop to think it may also have lead present? Well, it does, along with several other chemicals that are very frightening.

We don’t just have contaminated water in the US; it’s all over the world in various countries, including Canada. Of course many people associate third world countries with contaminated water without realizing they have bad water in their own backyards. The health risks are horrendous and some of the side effects of drinking bad water are classified as life threatening. How bad is that when water is supposed to be the elixir of life and instead it may make us sick?

The most common contaminants are ones which we have a passing familiarity, only under difference circumstances. For instance, we all know chlorine as being an effective and very cheap disinfectant. Well cheap though it may be, it is one of the most common water contaminants in the US. Does it surprise you that municipalities and other governments use a toxic chemical to kill biological pathogens in your drinking water?

After you get over the surprise, find the rage inside you that your own country could use a toxic chemical in your drinking water, citing water safety as its first concern. Its first concern ought to be that the longer a person drinks chlorinated water the higher the risks of breast, bladder and rectal cancer.

We’re not talking about a 45% chance of getting such illnesses; we’re talking about a whopping 93% likelihood of developing cancer. Go ahead and sit down in stunned silence, and then start considering what you are going to do about your home drinking water.

Next to chlorine comes lead as the second most common contaminant. This usually leaches out from the pipes in your home and more specifically, the soldered joints and fixtures. Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency says that almost 98% of the homes in the US today are using lead contaminated water? Bet that will change the way you look at your water the next time you turn on the tap.

Here is what is even more frightening about the presence of lead in your water. There isn’t any specific allowable degree of lead contamination for water. That’s right – no specific degree. Lead has a dangerous track record as being highly potent and even small amounts are known to cause behavioral problems, learning disabilities and low IQ.

By now you are likely starting to do some research into what is the best filtration system for your home. Given what we know about the water we are drinking today, the only water purification system that is able to provide the purest, freshest water for our health is distillation; the only process that ensures the water is clean and safe to drink. No other water purification method is as effective as distillation.

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