Filtered or Distilled Water – The Wet Debate

For years there has been a great debate over which kind of water is the best, filtered or distilled. It usually boils down to personal choice, but the fact remains that for the purest water available, distillation is the best method of obtaining safe drinking water.

Many people who are “water aware” spend a lot of time and energy searching the Internet for what they feel is the perfect filtration system for their home. They have the knowledge to understand that drinking straight tap water isn’t always the smartest or safest thing to do. This, of course, is a major issue in the 21st century – the safety of our drinking water here at home, and abroad.

There have been enough reports in the media to cause most Americans to have a certain level of awareness that the water they drink could be better, and is a precious resource. While drinking water in most communities is definitely regulated, this does not mean people do not want to do more to make their water cleaner, fresher and purer.

A lot of people will opt for a faucet water filter without really understanding that the filter itself may wind up being a source of contamination over time. However, even though they may not know this, many people insist that this will solve their drinking water problems. To this end, if the ultimate decision is to use a filter system at the faucet, make certain there is a specific list of precisely what contaminants are removed. This is because not all water filters are created equal.

The next thing to take into consideration is how effective the filter is in removing things in the water that no one wants to drink. Read the fine print on the boxes carefully because there will be a wide percentage range of effective filtering from one system to another. Since faucet filter systems are not exactly cheap, calculate the cost of operating one in your home.

To calculate what the faucet is supposed to cost per gallon, again, read the fine print on the package. There is an amazing range of diversity here as well and the price per gallon may range from as little as 10 cents a gallon to slightly over 25 cents a gallon or a bit higher. Be aware that what this means is there are filters that cost up to three times more to operate, but they may not be providing cleaner, fresher, purer water.

When all is said and done about water faucet filter systems, the next step is to investigate the real and effective alternative to these questionable systems – a water distillation system. H2oLabs know all about fresh, clean and safe drinking water, as their water purification method (by distillation) is the most effective method around to ensure safe drinking water.

It’s a fact that tap water has numerous things in it that no one wants in their system on a daily basis, things ranging from chemicals to toxins. Only the distillation method used by H20Labs produces the purest drinking water possible. All tap water contaminants are distilled out for you to pour down the drain. Without a doubt, the safest method to get the purest water possible is to use H20Lab’s water distillation system.

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