Detoxifying Your Body Only Happens with Pure Water

Detoxifying ones body is a well-known approach to good health, which is highly recommended by holistic and naturopathic practitioners. However, they don’t always mention that water needs to be pure.

It’s true; the first thing a good naturopath or holistic practitioner will mention at the end of any treatment is that to detoxify one’s body, one must drink lots of water. Abundant quantities on a daily basis will assist the body in cleansing itself by flushing out any toxins it may be harboring. While many mention drinking the water, many practitioners don’t take one step further and suggest that it be the purest water only. Bottled water, tap water or filtered water just won’t cut it.

Only pure water will get to work quickly and detoxify one’s body and prevent further toxic buildup the more it is consumed. The problem is when told to drink water, many people reach for the flavored beverages because they don’t like plain water, or buy a bottled brand with additives – additives that themselves are toxic to our bodies.

What’s a body to do? Stick to the pure water and if the taste isn’t appealing, then add a spritz of lemon or lime, but steer clear of the “fake” brands of bottled water that say they are the purest water on the planet Earth. The truth is they are not the purest, for a variety of reasons, but one of the major reasons is that they come in plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles have chemicals that leach into the water when the bottles are subjected to sunlight. It’s a bit of a catch-22 unless a person is water savvy enough to use glass or stainless steel bottles for their daily water intake. While avoiding bottled water may be fairly easy, there is the problem of tap water at home.

The best solution to get the purest, freshest water at home is to invest in a water distillation system. It is the one system that will effectively remove things such as chemicals, lead, chlorine and other things no one wants to know about because they’re dangerous. With a water distillation system no one has to worry about water any longer.

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