CPR Franchise Opportunities Still There for the Taking

CPR, the largest cell phone repair business in the nation, with 20+ locations, offers a stellar investment bargain for canny entrepreneurs.

CPR began when the cell phone repair industry was in its infancy, back when it was almost impossible to find an Indy place to repair an ailing cell phone. Dissatisfaction with cell phone manufacturers had yet to crest, or even surge, and if you couldn’t cajole your manufacturer to fix your broken cell phone, you had no choice; it was time to buy a new one. If you’d grown attached to the one you had and even given it a name like “Perky,” it was too bad. You’d kiss it twice with tears in your eyes and then toss it into the nearest bin.

Those days are gone, like Little Mouse on the Prairie or Stanford and Son. The good old days weren’t really that good when it came to cell phones and similar electronic gadgetry that began springing up. Was that a Y-Pod I once owned that a dog peed on and I had to throw out because it was suddenly gross and sticky and incidentally, no longer worked? Memories can be hazy, like halcyon summer days. It was also expensive to keep throwing these things out and buying new ones.

But along came CPR, like a fresh breeze. Pretty soon they developed a rep, as they say on the streets of Chicago, for fixing cell phones that manufacturers loathed touching after they’d closed the sale when you bought the thing. CPR became the most widely known and respected brand name in the Cell Phone Repair industry. Even their logo was trademarked by USPTO, where patents come from, don’t you know?

Eventually CPR started fixing every electronic whiz-i-mi-gig that could break, from IPods to Xboxes, and their business took off, like Wii.

Now for a start-up minimum of $75K you can get in on the ground floor. Like the tail of the tiger, you can grab the phenomenon of cell phone and electronic whiz-i-mi-gig repair. Think about it. It’s an industry with massive demand. One in two human beings on the planet are estimated to own a cell phone, and it’s rumored that other whiz-i-mi-gigs also sell in tremendous volume. Such electronic marvels have become ubiquitous, but they break. Manufacturers seldom fix them these days; in fact, in today’s recession, fixing something old and borrowed or blue, is a whole lot better than buying something new.

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