CPR Franchise Opportunities Beckon Entrepreneurs

For a minimum start-up of $75K, you can own a brand new concept supercharged with massive consumer demand.

In the days of the not-so-wild Midwest, when Chicago was first becoming a metro full of cell phones in need of a fix, once upon a time when the companies who made them still had maintenance plans but didn’t always honor them, a little business that could and would, was born, not in a manger, but in a building that became known as the place to take your cell phone when it breaks. “I dropped my Nextel, and its LCD, primitive as it was, cracked like a tiny windshield,” remembered Eighties Geezer, who still has memories these days but is no longer a fresh bright twenty-something. “I took it to CPR for its resuscitation,” he pronounced slowly in articulate English during his informative interview, “their first and only shop existing at the time.”

He recalls little else from those bygone days of Reaganomics and Seventh Heaven.

Pinky Pearl White recalls foggy days in winters now distant when getting your cell phone repaired was a little like snowshoeing through Halstead with no direction home, to put it in Dylanesque terms. “The first CPR shop was the little shop where they fixed horrors, and it was like an oasis shimmering in the faded light of a Cyclops car with a headlight missing. I fixed a cell phone there, I do believe, my purple one that was shaped like a grape, only it was crushed.” Pinky is a prose writer, talented as a computer’s mouse, given to long rhapsodies on his cell phone of choice in those bygone days, and he later took successive electronic devices to other CPR locations in the Chicagoland metro, as the business grew and grew, mushrooming throughout the nation called America, until more than 20 locations had sprouted in the garden that eventually became Obama’s, as the city once had seemed his but a little while ago.

Now CPR is the best and brightest name in the industry, and their shops repair G1 phones & Blackberries and Playstation versions that some would covet, along with water damaged devices, a species that competing independent repair outlets recoil from in horror. With billions of these gadgets owned by almost anyone, an opportunity to become part of a competent authorized repair center for a $75K minimum means that time is of the essence before the entry window slams shut, perhaps on your cell phone, perhaps on your fingers. It’s up to you.

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