Child Abduction Cases

Dealing with child abduction cases is one of the hardest areas of the law to handle due to the volatile issues involved. The underlying question in all these scenarios tends to be the one that asks how it is possible to keep children safe and avoid them being abducted in the first place.

Keeping children safe is no easy task these days. The world is a stranger place than it used to be when we were growing up as kids. Gone are the old safe neighborhoods where no one locked their doors or cars, when kids rode their bikes all over the place and knew everyone. Today strangers are the biggest potential threat for children. “However, having said that, there is a fine line between being paranoid of strangers and learning how to interact safely with others,” said Bradley J. Hofland of Hofland, Beasley and Galliher, Las Vegas, Nevada.

We live in neighborhoods where we don’t even see who lives next door any longer, nor do we know what they do. We don’t have those neighborly chats across the back fence anymore as people are too busy and on the go. Our children don’t get the opportunity to know the neighbors either and be able to distinguish who belongs in the area and who does not.

“Child abduction statistics indicate that roughly 58,000 kids are taken by non-family members every year, with most of the children returned safely within 24-hours,” indicated Hofland. While a heartening outcome, it raises the very real specter of the “boogieman” in the neighborhood, not to mention wondering how many children are taken by family members and not returned home due to jurisdictional issues. Know your rights in cases of child abduction by consulting a highly skilled attorney in this area such as Bradley J. Hofland of Hofland, Beasley and Galliher, Las Vegas, Nevada.

All parents take precautions to protect their little ones. It’s simply the smart thing to do. Careful, thoughtful guidance about what to watch out for and how to handle themselves is better than scaring the kids with horror stories of what could happen to them if they don’t follow the rules about talking to strangers.

If a parent is facing a child abduction situation, immediately contact Bradley J. Hofland of Hofland, Beasley and Galliher, of Las Vegas, Nevada, and make an appointment to discuss the legal issues involved. Even if the child was taught to not speak with strangers, take candy from people they don’t know, or to go anywhere with someone they don’t know, things happen. Hofland, Beasley and Galliher have a solid reputation handling abduction cases by family members.

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