California Health & Life Insurance Agent Matt Lockard Comes to Terms

Term life insurance didn’t seem in the cards for old Silas, but resourceful Matt Lockard found a way to come to terms with the oldest life insurance customer he’d ever heard of.

Silas Behrens was still working full-time at 96, but he wanted to find a way to provide for his great-great grandsons, Pete and Troy, ages 13 and 16 respectively, who now lived with him. Their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents had passed on, but their great-great grandfather Silas was like the Energizer Bunny. He kept going, and going. The perceptive teens and the man they deceptively called “Grampy Gramps” were having a conversation around the kitchen table. Grampy Gramps seemed no different than he’d ever been, but other kids at school had placed doubt in Pete’s heart, as well as in Troy’s, about their relative’s long-term future.

Pete was speaking through his anxiety, which had so far been unwarranted. “Grampy gramps, it’s just that you’re older than most of the other parents of kids at our school,” he said in his still pre-pubertal voice, “What if something happens and you get laid off, and can’t find another job?”

Troy, already through puberty as was his Grampy Gramps, put it more succinctly, “What if you d-die?” The idea wasn’t so far-fetched, especially in their family, which had been one of the Grim Reaper’s favored destinations.

Silas tried to nip such fears in the bud. “I won’t get laid off. I’ve been at Brown Sod for seventy-five years, and the boss recently reassured me about that, my dear great-great grandson. Besides, I’m still fit as ever. Even if this economy were to put me out of a job, experienced diddlers don’t grow on trees.” Neither teen was quite sure about what their Grampy Gramps actually did at work, but he played tackle football with them out in the field by the Escondido creek and could still outrun them both – as well as most of their friends.

“What if you have a heart attack and d-die?” Troy repeated, tears in his eyes.

“Okay, I’ll go see that nice young man Matt Lockard at his insurance agency. My health insurance and the kid plans for you guys we bought from him. I’ll see about some term life.” His great-great-grandsons smiled, as both liked Mr. Lockard. Their “Grampy Gramps” always knew what to do.

To make this story shorter, Matt proved as resourceful as Silas Behrens. He took his teens with him to Matt’s office, after the long drive in the immaculate Rambler wagon. After a half-hour meeting, Mr. Lockard had improvised a plan that would re-assure Pete and Troy until they were well into adulthood, until their beloved Grampy Gramps’s turned 118.

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