California Health Insurance Agents Offer Medigap Coverage

Evelyn Saguaro had a gallbladder issue that needed surgery, but her Medicare coverage wouldn’t pay for the procedure. But once she realized that she already had visited a California Health Insurance Agent to deal with what she called “her delicate matter,” she felt enormously relieved.

Sixty-seven-year-old Evelyn Saguaro had the same problem her late mother had been afflicted with. Besides her real gallbladder, she’d been born with a vestigial secondary one in which three cactus-like gallstones, each about the size of a quarter, had formed. Late in life, the vestigial gallbladder’s gallstones were starting to act up. Sharp pains would erupt beneath her breastbone immediately after she ate even a tiny serving of anything, and the acute pain made her sick to her stomach. When her doctor ordered tests to identify where the symptoms were originating from, he told Evelyn that her Medicare Plan only covered her original gallbladder, and since the stones had formed in the vestigial one, any procedure to remove them in “her unique case” would not be reimbursed. Her primary care physician kidded with her. “I suggest you refrain from eating,” he said. “Are you serious?” she asked. “No, a better idea might be to seek out a California Health Insurance agent.”

That’s when she realized she had done just that, two years previously. Was her Medigaps supplemental still in force? She headed on a beeline to the Visalia office, where she’d purchased the Medigap coverage. Was the office still there? It was. The same agent, Glenda, was at her familiar desk. During their previous conversation, which she’d somehow forgotten, Glenda had shared with her that she too had a “vestigial gallbladder,” with its associated symptoms not yet evident. Glenda had even belonged to an online organization, a regular support group called VGB Sufferers International.”

“Glenda, I’m so glad to see you,” Evelyn began. “Is my Medigaps policy still in effect?”

“Why wouldn’t it be, dear? Let me check.”

Evelyn waited expectantly. Suddenly her gallstone pain returned with a vengeance. “Is it? She asked, almost gasping.

“Of course it is, my dear Mrs. Saguaro.”

A month later, Evelyn’s surgery was successful and her cacti-shaped stones were displayed on her mantle, and on the VGB Sufferers website as a digital photo – for all to see.

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