California Health Insurance Agent Matt Lockard Provides Plans for Disability Income

When Johnson Mandingo was disabled and had to take a leave of absence from his Oxnard-based job as a high-priced male escort, California Health Insurance Agent Matt Lockard had his disability plan ready for him when he needed it most.

The narcissistic bachelor, Johnson Mandingo, resembled George Clooney and Brad Pitt rolled into one handsome thirty-seven year old. His Adonis-like physique was also striking. Although he’d been an occasional stripper at parties in his younger days, a recent stint with “Guys ‘R Us,” the Oxnard-based and borderline-legal escort service, was steadier. His favorite pastime had been staring at himself in mirrors, often for hours, sometimes while clothed. But since the unfortunate penile injury he’d lacked confidence and performed poorly in the workplace, even shying away from familiar mirrors, so they’d laid him off. Employment at a Gold’s Gym hadn’t worked out either. He’d been caught trying to escort well-heeled lady members, and lacking his former confidence, drew complaints, so he’d gotten himself fired. He needed income fast or else he’d lose his Malibu digs. If he became gaunt and underfed, he’d lose his treasured physique to boot. Suddenly he realized that about a year previously, he’d purchased something from a one-time lodge brother named Matt Lockard. Was that insurance still in effect? Johnson picked up the phone, a tiny bit hopeful.

“C’mon over,” Matt told him upon realizing that a grown man was on the verge of tears after telling his sad story, “I think I can help.”

Johnson drove to Matt’s office cautiously, ignoring his reflection wherever his glances landed. Maybe, just maybe.

“Hi Matt,” he said with a hangdog look, brushing Pitt-like bangs out of his eyes, and staring at the innovative and resourceful California Health Insurance agent; all the while flashing his deep-set “Ocean Eleven” baby blues that made even cynical women swoon. Matt wasn’t swooning, although he found the guy’s stare disconcerting. Once again, the agent listened patiently. Matt’s uptake seemed miraculous to Johnson a few minutes later when “the plan” was actually in force, effective, and viable. “Yup, you’re enrolled,” Matt explained, “So you’ll get your first disability insurance check next week sometime.”

“You’re a lifesaver man,” Johnson said, his confidence returning. “Is there a mirror around here?” he asked.

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