Age Related Health Care

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if a person is older, they would likely pay more for health insurance, as opposed to younger people.

Actually paying more money for health insurance as an older individual only makes sense, and is not, contrary to how it may sound, discriminatory. “The bottom line is that older people tend to need health care plans that offer more coverage,” explained Randy Gillespie of Focus Insurance Group in Liberty, Illinois.

It’s a basic fact of life that as we age, we need more medical care. Although it would be nice if we didn’t have to spend more time at the doctor, than say the race track doing what we love, it is inevitable that older Americans need more care, ranging from prescriptions to medical devices/implants. Even if a senior is in good shape and health, preventive health care is needed more often than for the younger crowd.

Just looking at the health care statistics for the younger generations, it’s easy to see they don’t need the same kind of drug coverage, tests or other medical procedures an older person may need. “It’s fair to say the numbers will back that up, the cost of health insurance policies will also support it and, well, so does common sense,” said Gillespie.

Charging more for health insurance is not being punitive because a person is older. It is offering the type of coverage they need as they age, not as a punishment, but as a benefit to keep them healthy and ongoing concerns.

If people would only realize that if they took better care of themselves as they age, they would not have nearly as many medical expenses. Unfortunately people do not look after themselves and thus pay a price for that decision in increased health insurance premiums. “This observation is applicable whether or not the person is younger or older,” added Randy Gillespie of Focus Insurance Group in Liberty, Illinois.

For those who choose to neglect their personal health care, the health care system goes into overdrive to try to keep these people in better health. It’s quite the Catch-22 with those who harm their health and yet expect the health care system to make them well. There is a price to be paid for all of this, in more ways than one.

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