Which Way Are They Going?

Immigration is a contentious issue, or at least still has the potential to be a contentious issue. The interesting thing is that since the U.S. economy took a significant nosedive, the economy – in particular the construction sector – ground to a screeching halt.

It should come as no particular surprise that the building starts for the U.S. construction section are dismal, to say the least. This recession has put a complete kibosh on a great many projects and in the process put a lot of people out of work. The people out of work in the construction sector are a fairly high number of illegal aliens who had been making a living in this sector.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t some construction work available, as there is relating to infrastructure projects and rebuilding homes in the wake of natural disasters. However, many of those in the construction workforce that hailed from Mexico have had to consider giving up and making their way back home.

This of course is an interesting short-term solution to the immigration problem currently faced by the U.S. The numbers of illegal aliens, some 12,000,000, has never been higher. It appears there is some natural attrition going on, with people leaving of their own accord. Here is an interesting question: What will happen when the economy and the construction market make a come back?

This isn’t such a far-fetched idea either, as many economists are figuring the economy will start making a come back in the last quarter of 2009 or the first quarter of 2010. Some pessimists are holding out for early 2011 in terms of the resurgence of available jobs. With such a resurgence will come an influx of illegal aliens once again, and one wonders if the illegal immigration problems will be fixed by then. There’s a good chance they will not be anywhere close to being solved.

Just because all is fairly quiet on the illegal immigration scene with many immigrants choosing to go back home, doesn’t mean the long-term problem has gone away. It’s up to the politicians to do some fixing before the situation once again becomes desperate. Erecting a fence along the border between the U.S. and Mexico isn’t a solution. It’s merely viewed as a surmountable deterrent.

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