Let CPR Game System Repairs be Your Island in an Ocean of Frustration

Manufacturers used to fix their game system consoles with reliable results. Increasingly now they won’t even fix ’em.

Repairs for game systems like the Nintendo Wii or DS Lite, the Sony PSP or Playstation 2 or 3, or Microsoft’s Xbox original or 360, used to be performed by manufacturers while the unit was under warranty or not. It was part of the perks for customers after they’d purchased a popular toy that was dancing off the shelves. Full support implied repairing the thing when it broke. While America’s economy has slipped into some kind of unpredictable netherland (we’re not talking Holland here), incentives to fix the games when they break even while they are under warranty has become less attractive to the giant companies charged with the making of such coveted “toys.”

Thankfully, CPR is picking up the slack. Certified and expert technicians known for stressing customer service are doing more and more to fix the games. When your Xbox original starts doing those distressing DREs, or three flashing red lights make your 360 resemble a Trojan horse in a miniature Doomsday scenario, a CPR technician can make it work again.

When your Sony PSP goes silent, ceasing to produce any reassuring sound, power, or video, and you begin to think you’re suddenly a recycled Tommy from the Who’s now ancient rock opera, deaf, dumb, and blind, a CPR technician can make you feel alive again, or at least fix your game console.

When your Nintendo Wii won’t load its disc, and you are so frustrated you’re about to scream like a Banshee, a CPR expert technician can restore that feeling of all being right with the world – at least as far as your treasured Wii is concerned.

CPR is quick to the joystick, too: Sometimes your beloved game can be repaired while you wait. Even if it can’t, once it is fixed in a timely fashion, it’s under CPR warranty. That should bring some cheer back into your life, even if next Christmas is a whole solstice away.

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