Illinois Health Insurance: Save Bucks Medicare Supplement Shopping

Medicare supplement shopping is usually fairly boring because they are all the same from state to state, until the quote for various supplements comes up for discussion. This is where smart health insurance shoppers are able to save some money.

It isn’t every day that consumers have a chance to actually save money when they buy health care insurance. This is a complaint a lot of Americans have – health insurance is too expensive, they can’t afford it, they don’t need it, and it’s too complicated. The interesting thing is that shoppers could save money on Medicare supplements by shopping around for quotes from insurance carriers.

Many people don’t actually realize that if they are smart health insurance shoppers, they could make a difference in their yearly budgets. That’s saying something in this recession. We’re not talking about the nickels and dimes; we’re talking about larger dollars that when saved over the year, can amount to a break in someone’s budget. It’s best to make a note that shopping around for Medicare quotes is the ONLY area in the health insurance system where comparing costs saves money.

This is how it works. Every state in the U.S. offers Medicare supplements and they all offer exactly the same coverage. But, and this is the big but that saves money, it’s totally up to the health insurance companies what parts they offer over and above mandatory part A. There are some health insurance carriers who opt to offer parts B through L and others decide to pick and choose.

This means that offering more than part A is optional. So, since offering parts B through L is optional, health insurance companies charge what the market will bear. In some places that can be fairly expensive; in others, people would get a nice break. This is how people find savings by checking prices. If they take the time to call around for Medicare supplement quotes, it may mean the difference between having health insurance or no insurance at all.

Here is just one quick example to show how this would work. Say a person is 65 years old and wants Part F or J (which covers most expenses). They call a well-known big insurance company and the quote is $135.00 a month. They then call another health insurance company that isn’t a household name, and the quote is $110 a month – and there’s a savings of $300 a year. Now that’s a pretty attractive alternative.

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