Illinois Health Insurance Options May Be Hard to Understand

Despite the fact there are many health insurance agents in the marketplace, there are still millions of uninsured Americans. This is largely due to a number of reasons, and some of them happen to be personal choice. However, one of the number one cited reasons why consumers find Illinois health insurance options a tad confusing is because they don’t know what they are looking for when they do want to buy health insurance.

No matter the reasons for not buying health insurance, there will come a time in everyone’s life when they will need it. It’s time to ask questions now, for the future. Unfortunately, there are so many uninsured people that it’s downright scary. This may change by 2014 since the introduction of mandated electronic medical files for everyone in the nation. The simple fact is that no one is immune from having to see a health care provider at some point in their lives. It’s inevitable and that’s all there is to it.

There are a lot of plans on the market and they aren’t that complicated; if a person is surfing the Internet, all it takes is a few clicks to find out what a certain health insurance company offers. Most of the plans and services they have are listed on their website, as is a contact phone number to call the agent. While many people are not fond of calling an insurance agent (because they don’t want the agent to try and sell a policy to them), it’s a fact that if people are calling asking for information, then they need the information.

A local health insurance agent takes the confusion out of the decision-making process by completely answering all the questions a health insurance shopper may have. It might not take a lot of time to clear up a misconception; such as pointing out the differences between a High Deductible Health Plan/Health Savings Account and a more traditional health insurance plan, which offers doctor office co-pay’s and prescription drugs.

A lot of people don’t know this, but one of the most reasonable health insurance plans on the market is the Co-Pay Plan. It’s pretty straightforward and it co-pays expenses for doctors, medication and prevention. This means the patient only pays a fraction of the doctor’s bill for an office visit. This is a great option for families on a tight budget.

Another alternative for people is a High Deductible Health Plan/Health Savings Account (HSAs). HSAs mean saving money for health care premiums right now and for the future. This works fine for people who like to save money and can afford a little higher out-of-pocket cost before everything is covered. For those who are on a tight budget, a Health Savings Account doesn’t make sense. While there are quite a few tax-free benefits for HSAs, people with them still have to pay their own way, up to a certain amount.

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