If You Don’t Know This, Will It Hurt You?

If you don’t know this little piece of information, then it definitely has the potential to cause you a great deal of harm. We’re talking about unknowingly drinking contaminated tap water – the very water in your home.

Not knowing that your tap water is contaminated with hundreds of things you’d rather not know about may cause you an inordinate amount of trouble now and later in life. Did you know that drinking contaminated water is one of the leading causes of stomach distress?

Makes sense if you stop to think about it. All those chemicals swimming around in your acidic stomach, interacting with each other and your body as it tries to maintain the status quo. Not a pretty picture at all.

Sure there are laws in place that say this and that about our water and its quality or lack thereof, but if you take a good look at each different state and county, etc. you’ll find a wide range of what the local governments consider to be acceptable contamination levels. Imagine that, acceptable contamination levels. This means that you are drinking water that has a certain level and certain unknown number of pollutants in it and this is considered acceptable by the local government.

The usual argument is that “The levels are so low they won’t harm anyone.” Statistics show otherwise and if you take a sample of your tap water to a private lab, you’ll find out in a hurry what other goodies are in your water that shouldn’t be there. While the arguments sound plausible at first blush, start taking them apart when you do some online research about water quality. That will wake you up in a hurry.

Here is another thing to contemplate. You know that antibiotic your child just about finished, but only had three pills left? That should have been thrown out in the wastebasket, but instead it may have possibly been flushed down the toilet. Multiple this scenarios by millions in a large city and you have the medicine showing up in your tap water later.

Contaminated water is the next biggest problem we face as a society and we need to do something to protect our families. The only answer to ensuring our safety at home and getting the purest, freshest water we can, is to invest in a water distillation system. No other method of purification is as effective as distillation.

Larry Wardell is with H2olabs.com, a provider of water distillers and water distillation systems. To learn more about water distillers, water distillation systems, water purification systems, visit H2olabs.com.

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