Fox Meadows Well Positioned to Assist ARRA

Fox Meadows EMR software and Practice Management software already is serving thousands of physicians. Buoyed by the Obama stimulus, officially named the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, solutions like those offered by Fox Meadows will certainly make EMR and electronic data collection for clinicians even more pervasive.

It already has an acronym: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. IT could be also argued as integral to ARRA, if you consider “it” as its own acronym, Information Technology as applicable to the sprawling U.S. medical system. But comprehensive software packages provided by companies such as Fox Meadows should only increase their use during the next few years, as electronic modernization becomes federally mandated.

Such software applications are about to bring offices into a bright future filled with the promise of increased efficiency bundled with vastly improved patient care.

Obama’s ARRA is huge. The act includes more than $20 billion in grants and loans as well as creative incentives to spur physicians into this brave new world. Now is the time to “go paperless.” The stimulus monies kick in on January 1, 2011, but that is a bit misleading. Without a 3-6 month preparatory “learning curve,” the ability to properly utilize the packages at a government-mandated 80% usage rate just won’t happen. In addition, long lines of medical applicants to purchase the new systems should be in full swing by mid-2010, let alone in the year’s waning days. The rush to exploit the stimulus funding to help purchase EMR packages will create a veritable logjam for necessary switchovers. By 2015 when the mandates kick in with fee decreases for physicians still “papered,” up to 90% of medical professionals are expected to have “gone paperless.”

Fox Meadows solution for EMR is sure to emerge as a leading solution. Packages provided by Fox Meadows are already helping thousands of physicians in more than 20 medical specialties to automate their practices in ways they could barely imagine just a few months ago.

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