Fox Meadows Software Systems to be Funded by Obama’s New Stimulus Plan

Excellent “paperless” solutions from Fox Meadows are expected to be a perfect fit for ARRA.

During the turbulent years of the recent Bush Administration, U.S. physicians saw the writing on the wall. Antiquated gathering of medical records was giving way, albeit slowly, to “paperless” electronic medical record-keeping. By 2004, 38% of U.S. physicians had gone “paperless.” It was anticipated by many astute physicians and clinicians that someday the government would begin footing the bill for this imminent switchover. As a consequence of many factors, including lack of private resources, medical professionals hesitated, even balked at the big change looming.

Now the Bush Administration is gone, although that President too had moved in a direction of universal EMR. Bush’s more modest plan was sabotaged, even ambushed, by a national financial crisis rivaling the catastrophe of several generations earlier referred to as The Great Depression. Now that very crisis of 2008-2009 has become the catalyst for an even bolder federal initiative called ARRA – the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. ARRA will pay for electronic software solutions that will do the trick – bold software initiatives provided by Fox Meadows in the twin arenas of EMR and Practice Management.

Fox Meadows EMR solutions have already amassed a proven track record of diagnostic and treatment efficacy in thousands of offices nationwide. Thousands of physicians participating in 20+ specialties have learned to expect an intuitive functionality that makes essential patient information instantly available at point of care. In many cases, direct patient care becomes possible if not probable when it was unlikely before. These physicians have discovered that the many tasks of a clinical encounter can even become, well … pleasant – for physician and patient alike.

As a complement to the software firm’s excellent EMR solutions are packages designed for the Practice Management arena. These packages simultaneously create an “Obama-prescribed” integration of electronic medical record-keeping and a practice management solution gearing practices toward optimal performance. Flexible and robust, our EMR/PM solutions combine into an award-winning suite that supports the complex workflows known to exist in a busy patient care environment.

When you consider Fox Meadows solutions like MediNotes EMR and MediNotes Clinician, Obama’s ARRA couldn’t have come along at a better time.

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