Enhanced or Flavored Water Tips to Know

Bottled water is usually the choice of active on the go people who want to slake their thirst. However same old, same old, can get boring; so innovative souls have taken to kicking up their water in a couple of ways – flavoring it or enhancing it.

Flavoring water isn’t a new idea as millions of years ago cave men were known to dunk certain leaves into hot water and drink the brew. While our water and tea is no doubt more civilized these days, the same principle applies – people prefer flavored water over plain water.

The choices on the market today for flavored waters are regular or carbonated and they are the pick of smart professionals who know when and how to cut calories. Sugar based drinks pack on pounds and others use artificial sweeteners that have questionable side effects. Even today the safety of aspartame is still being debated.

The flavor of choice is a personal one, but the prices may vary with the flavored lot coming in at a tad more than the regular bottled versions and sodas. Now if budget is a consideration then flavoring is something that can be done at home in the kitchen with the help of a lemon, orange or lime. For those with more of a spirit of adventure, try using melon or other berries topped off with a leaf or two of mint.

If the love of the running circuit is bottled water, consider stainless steel and not plastic to reduce chemicals leaching out into the water once the bottle gets hot. Stick to low cal or no cal additives and call it a winner. On the other hand, enhanced water has its followers as well.

Enhanced water is just water that has added electrolytes and vitamins. This will be found in most of the sports drinks on the market. However, sports drinks pack a sugar punch and hide either the same or a higher number of calories than sodas. By the way, many of the sports drinks also have salt to help maintain body stasis while working out. Our bodies don’t really need that extra salt if all we are interested in is a few extra vitamins.

Be aware that the vitamin-enhanced drinks aren’t really all that special because the vitamins they are enhanced with are ones found in a healthy balanced diet. Check the labels as well for the sneaky twins – glucose and fructose. These sugars will ramp up calorie intake.

Being aware of what is in bottled waters – flavored or enhanced, may save money over the long term and help with weight loss on another level. Smart consumers need to be checking the fine print on the labels before guzzling too many of either of these highly marketed bottled waters.

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