Crib Mattresses May Be Deadly

An issue that all lawyers need to be aware of is the developing area relating to crib mattresses and their role as a dangerous product. Most of the mattresses contain boric acid and antimony, both noted fire retardants.

Having a fire retardant for an infant’s crib mattress may make a great deal of sense, but when the real story behind the use of the fire retardant’s comes out, this will be another matter entirely. “This will be a difficult area of the law to litigate,” commented Jeremiah Denslow, of Denslow Law, Datyon, Ohio, “as the use of toxic chemicals in cribs is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dangerous product liability.”

For years, infants and toddlers have slept on crib mattresses passed down in the family and from friend to friend. Over the years the materials in that mattress have “off gassed” sleeping children. It’s no small wonder that asthma, respiratory problems and allergies have become as much of an issue as they have. In a perfect world, an infant should ideally sleep on natural latex for comfort and health reasons.

Just to get back to the fact that boric acid and antimony are used to saturate crib mattresses to act as a flame retardant. “Antimony is a known heavy metal, and it is absorbed over time through the skin,” indicated Denslow, who likes to keep up-to-date on the latest developing issues affecting the legal community. Once the antimony is absorbed, it begins to accumulate in the body, not a good thing when a child is at risk.

Antimony has been banned in Europe as they consider that it contributes to SIDS. It’s not just the chemicals sprayed on the mattress that are the sole problem. It is what the mattress is made of, and that includes polyurethane foam that off gasses formaldehyde. The damage this may cause to tender young respiratory systems is frightening.

If a child falls ill and the concern is that it may have something to do with the type of crib mattress, it’s time to call a highly qualified Dayton attorney who is able to assess the nature of the case and advise on the viability of filing a lawsuit.

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