CPR’s Game System Repairs Are Fast and Reliable

CPR expert technicians are now specializing in repair of game consoles – and not just Xboxes.

It was only a matter of time before CPR moved into the game system repair niche. Like any electronic contrivance these days, manufacturers are growing increasingly reluctant to repair these expensive “toys” – especially once their warranties expire. Microsoft has recently (as of March 2nd) discontinued repair service for original Xboxes whose warranties have expired. In the cases of such consoles as the popular Nintendo Wii, or Sony products such as their PSP or their Playstation 2 & 3, the moans of distressed and frustrated customers grow ever louder. What can go wrong with these games touted by shrill marketing voices as the “next generation” of intricate video games? The variety of complaints is like a cornucopia. The Xboxes often pain their owners with DREs, an inability to read a game or games within the assembled configuration. Xboxes, whether the original models or the Xbox 360, can freeze or overheat, or suddenly lose sound, power, or video. Error messages and non-responsive controllers are common complaints, as are colorful troubles with the red lights – depending on which is flashing possibly indicating whether or not your unit’s destination should be the nearest landfill. Sony PSP consoles sometimes need a full shell replacement. A Playstation 2 can make a clicking or grinding noise that mimics the mating call of the giant earwig. The disc on your Playstation 3 might not load or eject. Your Nintendo DS Lite might have broken hinges.

Whatever the problem that your game system might be having, a friendly & certified expert CPR technician can provide a solution that you won’t have to wait an eternity for. Chances are your game can be fixed, no matter what the issue might be. CPR provides warranty on all game system repairs. If the problem is simple enough, a technician might even be able to fix the contrivance while you wait. Try asking a manufacturer to do that.

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