Choose Medicare Supplements that May Save Money

It’s a well-known fact that Medicare supplements are much more versatile than Americans think. There are so many options that people may opt for a health care plan which is ideally tailored to each individual.

We all know that supplements are designed to help with something that doesn’t quite make the grade in the first place; that supplements make things better, sort of like taking vitamins. The original health care system was designed to try to be all things to all people, but seriously fell short in some areas. This is why there are Medicare supplemental health insurance policies, and they’re sold by private health insurance companies.

Medicare supplement policies (called Medigap) fill the “gaps” in the original Medicare plan, and they help with out-of-pocket medical expenses that people would be paying — depending on which plan a person had. Note: The plans are actually called “parts.” What this means is that Medicare and Medigap work together to cover health insurance costs.

The thing to remember is that Medigap policies in each state are standardized, which means they all have specific benefits in common, and this applies no matter where a person happens to live. One further thing to note is that standardized doesn’t mean people don’t have a lot of choices to suit their individual lifestyles. There are 10 different parts lettered from A to J. Part A is the one that has to be offered in all states; F is the most popular part.

Now, with respect to Medigap parts; Medigap parts have different sets of basic and extra benefits. Part A is mandated, but parts B through J MAY be offered if the health insurance carrier wants to offer them. Plan A is only available to people without medical coverage due to disability and Medicare combined with Plan A is the lowest level of coverage.

None of this should prevent a smart shopper from calling around for different rates. People can actually save money on Medicare/Medigap combination deals because this is the only area (Medigap) where health insurance companies set their own rates. What health insurance companies offer is standard, but the price for the choices is variable.

If a person is considering a Medigap policy, they will need both Medicare Parts A and B. There are other considerations, but talk to a local insurance broker. Their advice is free and they will save consumers a lot of time trying to find the answers to Medicare questions.

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