Affordable Health Insurance for Uninsured Already a Reality in Florida

The uninsured in Florida do have access to affordable health insurance plans thanks to the Cover Health initiative announced in January 2009. The question is whether this program will change now that the Obama bail out package has been announced.

The Cover Florida plan was designed to assist over 3.8 million people in the state that had no health insurance. The general idea was that six larger health insurance companies would offer 25 different plans and the cost of those plans would vary by county and whether a person chose a catastrophic or preventative plan.

The prices under this program could range from a low of $51 monthly to roughly $290 on a monthly basis, which is pretty good bucks all things considered in this particular economy. However even the lower end price of $51 may be impossible for the jobless and homeless – another frightening reality in the 21st century. It isn’t clear how this program would mesh, if at all, with the latest health insurance plans announced by the White House.

While the Cover Florida program is ideally about freedom and choices, the recent White House plan doesn’t seem to cater to the freedom or choices aspect of the Florida program. The two programs just might not fly together, as the national one may overtake and change the parameters of the Florida package.

As with every new or seemingly new plan there are things lurking in the wings, just under the fringe of the carpet. For instance, one major company’s deductible structure shows that a family who chooses a catastrophic plan would be paying a $3,000 deductible. This is hardly a plan that either the homeless or jobless will be able to consider.

The changes the new White House announcements will make to this plan are questionable at best, and unknown to say the least. While they may make the pricing structures more accessible due to the competition factor, there may still be a gap that low income and no income people are unable to cross.

The clock is ticking and the nation is watching where the latest developments in health care innovations will take Americans. The hope is that it will be to a place where everyone has reasonable health insurance coverage, and privacy and choices that suit their circumstances.

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