Why Choose Co-Pay Plans When Something Else May Work Better?

People really dislike the unknown – the fear of trying something different after being used to something they liked. Co-pay benefits are like that. If you worked for a company that offered co-pay you got used to seeing the doctor and having the tab picked up by the company. You might even have had some of the diagnostics picked up as well.

If you quit the company and decided to go out on your own and still want a co-pay arrangement, you are going to get the shock of your life. They are high-end expensive and the premiums are prohibitive for a solo person. They’re usually something larger companies and corporations choose to have on hand as a perk for their workers.

Although it’s a shock trying to adjust from a co-pay arrangement to one where you are paying the bills, it can be done with grace and not a lot of cash either. You just have to be smart and shop around to see what kind of deals you can get to suit your circumstances and budget.

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