What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

When it comes to water, what you see isn’t always what you get. It may look fine, seem fine and even smell fine, but there isn’t any way to really tell if it is fine – not unless it is tested or you distill your own water at home.

Now you’d think that if you sent a water sample away for testing that you could rely on the results, correct? Evidently that isn’t always a good idea. Apparently, in Arizona, the owner of a lab who was hired to perform fecal coliform and E coli tests faked it and didn’t do the testing. The lab owner was supposed to test wastewater from irrigation canals and wastewater plants.

It wasn’t until one of the regular clients couldn’t understand why their test results were always negative that the fraud came to light. Stop and think about this – if you can’t truly rely on lab results, where does that leave you in terms of your own water supply at home? Not that we are saying all lab tests will be faked, but that there is the possibility of something going wrong when third parties handle important things such as this.

The only way to handle these situations with certainty, is to have a home water distillation system. Distillation is the only effective water purification method. You can’t beat it for purity and consistent results every time.

People seem to think that tap water; bottled water, and even other home filtration systems are the absolute best. Granted each of these methods has an attraction to it such as convenience, but this does not address the fact that the water is NOT pure. Tap water alone has multiple pollutants, toxins and other chemicals in it – yes, this even includes pharmaceutical drugs.

Bottled water is actually just tap water that’s been run through a filter to handle the odor or taste, or both. Home filtration systems with carbon filters do make the water smell and taste better, but the filters get clogged and become a pollutant themselves. This applies even to reverse osmosis and that means filtered water may be MORE contaminated than the source. That’s pretty scary.

Distillation on the other hand gives the user the freshness of rain; water that is sparkling and ready to use immediately. Just use regular tap water. What happens is that the tap water gets vaporized into sterilized steam, and from there it is condensed back to it’s a pure liquid state.

Any waterborne contaminants like are removed. The result is 100% purified, clean, great tasting water that is safe for you and your family. This is the way Mother Nature intended things to be.

Larry Wardell is with H2olabs.com, a provider of water distillers and water distillation systems. To learn more about Water distillers, water distillation systems and water purfication systems, visit H2olabs.com.

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