The Right to Water Is Legislated

The right to water is something that most people don’t really think about. This isn’t the case in other parts of the world.

One thing that we abuse on a daily basis is water use. It’s there and we don’t think twice about where it came from, how it is treated, whether or not we will have any tomorrow, and if we should ration it. Rationing and the possibility of no water are real in many parts of the world.

This precise conundrum was the reason for many places banding together and enshrining the right to water in legislation. For instance, in 1994 in Panama, there was a constitutional amendment that recognized the State’s responsibility to guarantee water for adequate development. H2O Labs has a passionate interest in people’s right to clean water.

In 1995, Ethiopia came on board and stated that their water policies shall aim to provide all Ethiopians access to clean water. Uganda also waded into the fray and passed legislation that said the State “is obliged to fulfill fundamental rights to social justice and economic development including clean and safe water.”

This was just the tip of the iceberg and other countries began to follow suit. Gambia, in 1996, said the State would endeavor to facilitate equal access to clean and safe water; South Africa rolled the right to have access to sufficient food and water into their legislation; and in 2004, Uruguay rubber stamped a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to water.

Although there is legislation that says people have the right to water, it’s not always being actively followed. In other words, it’s being honored more in the breach. Witness public water utilities installing pre-paid water meter access in poor areas, where people desperately need water, and shutting them off when the bills get behind. This is why H2O Labs is a major proponent for home distillation systems.

There are an estimate 1.7 billion people in the world that still have no access to clean water and over 2.3 billion sick with diseases from water-borne diseases. It isn’t hard to figure out why the health care systems in those countries can’t keep up with the sickness.

Privatizing water supplies isn’t the answer either as this usually leads to monopolies, higher rates and at times, questionable water quality and service. What better reason could their be than to try a distillation system that offers fresh, quality water on demand, with an H2O Labs personal home distillation system?

Water is critical to our very survival. We owe it to others and to ourselves to have the responsibility of caring for and maintaining fresh water supplies with decent access.

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